Managing Meltdowns

From Anxiety to Meltdown

Autism All-Stars
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Deb travels the nation and Canada doing various presentations including seminars, inspirational, and keynote addresses. She is also an international author [see Jessica Kingsley Publisher's....Managing meltdowns, using the SCARED model...]. She is known as the autistic comedian doing presentations that are full of laughs yet serious and poignant at the same time. Being autistic she can voice what many autistic individuals can't...why we do the things we do, and why we need to live in a world full of absolutes. Her comedic style leave audiences craving more. As a former wildlife rehabilitator specializing in raccoons Deb has spent the last 24 years studying them in the wild and learning social skills from them. Her view is one of looking at autism as a cultural difference rather than a disease or disorder. For those already diagnosed on the spectrum being continually reminded that we are "disabled" and in need of a "cure" only promotes low self esteem and a sense of never fitting in with society.

Book signing
Deb and her close friend Sister Francanne at a book signing in New Orleans last November 2011

Deb's story is truly a testiment to overcoming the odds and rising to the top despite insurmountable obstacles. Diagnosed in 2005 with High Functioning Autism Deb has struggled all thru her life without having a diagnosis as prior to 1994 there was no category for Asperger's and HFA. With no professional help she managed to get a Master's Degree, marry and then move to remote northern Maine to a farm to raise livestock and isolate herself from the pressures of social contact. For 18 years she raised goats, chickens, donkeys, and horses. And for 3 years became the president of the American Tenn. Fainting Goat Association.

Deb sought re-entry into the workforce in 1999 because her husband 18 years older was getting close to retirement age. Working unsuccessfully with Voc Rehab for 6 years to maintain a job, she decided to self pay for a neuro-psych eval which finally brought closure to all her life wondering why she was "different" when she was diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

Her story is truly remarkable and a success story and her motto of "God doesn't create mistakes" breathes new life into looking at autism from an insider's perspective. Deb appeared on an MPBS (Maine Public Broadcasting Network) television documentary called, "Making our way" that aired Nov. 2011. She received a lot of positive feedback regarding that segment and is currently now working with the producer of the documentary on the possibility of doing a full length documentary about her life and and passion of paranormal investigating. You can view the mpbns documentary, "Making our way" now by going to the mpbns website and also to Deb has also been interviewed live on numerous national radio talk shows discussing her book "From Anxiety to Meltdown".