Deborah Lipsky, M.Ed.

Deborah Lipsky

Deborah Lipsky has a Masterís degree in Education and Counseling and travels the country and Canada doing seminars and workshops on autism. She is the 2006 recipient of a Temple Grandin award and the 2005 Autism Society of Maineís outstanding volunteer award. She is a former board member for the Autism Society of Maine and writes a regular column for their newsletter. Diagnosed only three years ago with high functioning autism, she has found her own unique solutions and strategies for coping with autism as an adult. Deborah has a way of letting attendees “feel” what it is like to be autistic and her interactive style of presenting keeps audiences always riveted. Her delightful sense of humor makes her a highly sought after inspirational and motivational speaker and keynote speaker.

Deborah Lipsky

She found solace in the company of animals. She was gifted in her ability to communicate and socialize with animals. In spite of tremendous obstacles she managed to finish high school and go on to college where she obtained her Masterís Degree in Counseling and Education in 1988. In 1986 and 1987 she did an internship at a shelter for homeless people. Many of the clients were deinstitutionalized and several of them in hindsight were clearly autistic. She was hired by the shelter after her internship and continued to work there until 1988. In 1988 she worked at a group home for severely cognitively impaired adults in Rhode Island. Again in hindsight she now realizes that many of them were autistic as well. Intuitively she was able to recognize difficulties these clients had with transitions, disruption in routine, sensory overload, and novel situations. Although Deb did not identify herself as autistic she immediately felt a strong bond with her clients. Deb was married in 1987 and with her husband moved to rural northern Aroostook County where they bought an 1853 farm which they restored. For eighteen years Deb devoted her life to raising animals and wildlife rehabilitation.

Deb was diagnosed as autistic in 2005. After being diagnosed she decided to return to the work force. She asked herself what sort of job would be suitable for an autistic woman in her forties. The only autistic person she was familiar with was Temple Grandin so she decided that she would become a national speaker. Although she had a Masters degree in counseling and education she lacked the social skills required to interact with an audience.

She took Bard training to learn the art of verbal communication. Based on that, she offered herself to a nation-wide seminar company and was given a try. She was an instant success. She also was involved as a board member and educator for the Autism Society of Maine.

She has done numerous television and newspaper interviews all over the United States and Canada. In addition to doing presentations Deborah also does consulting for various agencies and schools.

Deborah is a paranormal investigator with over 40 years experience in studying and investigating paranormal phenomena and the occult. Her contemporaries consider her a demonologist with expertise in dealing with and understanding the demonic. She has founded a paranormal group called "Team Spirit" which investigates claims of hauntings and paranormal activity using all the latest high tech equipment. There is never a charge for this service. Her goal is to not only prove continuity of life, but to help and assist clients in understanding and dealing with supernatural occurrences within their home or location. Her mission is to NOT expel or provoke any supernatural entity from a location, but to document its existence and/or uncover physical explanations for such occurrences. Many times the "hauntings" turn out not to be Aunt Tilly wandering the attic but a family of raccoons who have taken up residence there instead.

Deborah Lipsky

Deb, in her spare time devotes a lot of energy to her special interests which are collecting WWII memorabilia and Civil War re-enactment. She is a member of the 20th Maine, Company B Regiment (Union) and also a member of the 15th Alabama, Company G (Confederate). Her interests include many outdoor activities such as kayaking, bottle hunting, and riding her horses. She is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, registered Maine Guide, and retired Captain with the USAF-AUX.

She lives on her 50 acre farm in Aroostook County which is in Northern Maine and raises triple registered miniature horses 33" and under in height. Visitors are always welcome at no charge by appointment to come see these adorable little horses. As a Registered Maine Guide Deb is always willing to take small groups (2 people up to 12) out on all sorts of wilderness adventures. Deb also spends her free time working on and using her antique tractor collection around the farm.